Frozen Fun

13st May 2006 12:00 am

Average Rating: 3.50
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Author's Comments:


Frozen Fun Hmmm, I'm not as happy with this one, it seems...not right.

Heh, I like what Link says in the first panel. ^o^


User's Comments:

goombuster (Guest),

yeah, the "da da da daa!" thing is really annoying after e few times.

Flame Chocobo,

Freeze! Link Froze the Bully. then Mario Tackled him and Broke him


Yoshi Egg Yoshi's egg is different in panel 6.


Ah, I had missed that, I must have forgotten to fill the egg's white as well as Yoshi. Well this comic was pretty early in my using the egg, so it was easy for me to forget. XD

Mr.Nose (Guest),

Egg I geuss it was a "easter egg" :)

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