The Most Amazing Discovery, EVER!

01st Apr 2006 12:00 am

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Author's Comments:


Most Amazing Descovery, EVER! Ha-ha! April Fools! XD


User's Comments:


xD nice! I love this story! funny and creative!

goombuster (Guest),

little x i only see a very little x, it doesn't work.

Flame Chocobo,

I Can't See It!

goombuster (Guest),

oops whoops! now i get it, i thought with you saying april fools that there was supposed to be a stupid pic, like a pot of mayonese....


Heh, mayo would be funny, but I kinda like the "no image" image.

Made it myself I did. :D

Fwipp Deathspeeder,

Funny one Todd, way to make me lose even more sanity...

olaf72 (Guest),

Well If you have mac it isn't very impressive because macs got other sign ;)


<.< >.>

Curse yon Macs! They...did stuff! Looks like I'll have to plan better next year. >:D

doom Bubbles,

blah i refreshed like 10 times before i figured out the zing


youj got punked!!!

abe (Guest),

ddd lol awesom

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