Link vs. Morton

11st Mar 2006 12:21 am

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Author's Comments:


Link vs. Morton Yeah, not quite as impressive as the others (if you can call them impressive. >_<).

Morton does a bunch of talking, though I don't like it much, it was done. XP


User's Comments:

Flame Chocobo,

SNAPPO! Link if Fignting Morton, and Wailed on him

Fwipp Deathspeeder (Guest),

Link Vs. Morton Yeah... it didn't look like Link even hit him with the sword, Morten fell away after...

Genevieve the Blackberry Boo (Guest),

Link vs Morton Why is Morton a Jr.? I don't get that, is he named after somebody? And, the koopalings are get pulveristed (sp?), they really need to pull out a win.


He was named after Bowser's father.

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